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Modern Gun School: An Online Gunsmithing School

by on December 13, 2011

Modern Gun School is one of a number of gunsmithing schools which offer to teach you to be a gunsmith through a correspondence course. It is a private school located in St. Albans, Vermont and is a division of Distance Learning International. It was established in 1946 and has taught over 50,000 students how to become gunsmiths. The website can be found at At this website you will find contact details to send for an information packet about the school which will include details about price and course information.

Similar to other gunsmithing schools, there are two levels of training at Modern Gun School. You can take a basic course or an advanced course. The basic course consists of thirty one lessons that will cover the basics of firearm repair. Each lesson is broken up into three parts. When you apply to for the basic course you will receive the necessary tools to complete the lessons and projects although common tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc. are not provided.

The basic course covers safety concerns about working with firearms and you will begin to learn the terminology used by gunsmiths and gunsmithing schools. You will also be given an overview of some of the laws concerning guns and people who work with guns. They will provide other non technical courses such as bookkeeping, sources of supply, public relations, advertising as well as tips on buying and selling firearms. They will also teach you how to set up your own shop and workbench and how to decide which tools you really need and which ones you can do without. Other courses containing information about how to set up a library, advise customers on which weapon to buy, and even how to write a press release are also given. On the technical side, Modern Gun School provides similar information that is taught in other gunsmithing schools. You’ll learn about basic firearm repair as well as the basics of stock finishing and refinishing. You will also take courses to learn about customizing firearms. You’ll learn about adding recoil pads, butt plates and swivels as well as how to checker stock grips. Other courses include sights and mounting scopes, how to repair and rebuild barrels and even how to use bluing equipment and about polishing and jewelling.

The advanced level of training included all of the courses in the basic level as well as thirty four additional lessons. This makes for a total of sixty five lessons to complete the advanced class. It is estimated that it will take two years to complete the advanced level of training. The tools that are needed to continue with these extra lessons are also provided. Most of the lessons in the advanced level are related to actual firearms or technical skills needed to become a gunsmith. Modern Gun School does provide courses on helping you decided if you want to work full time or part time, how to set up a shop and to avoid pitfalls that could derail your new business. You will also be given a course on how to identify various private brand name guns and other identifying information about a firearm. Some of the more technical skills you will learn in the advanced level include; more information on customizing, bluing and accessorizing a firearm. You will also learn about repairing various problems with shotguns and how to install barrels on a number of different types of firearms. You will learn how to install barrels on handguns, shotguns, center firing rifle barrels and rifle barrels. You will also be given a course in accurizing.

In both the basic and advanced level courses at Modern Gun School will provide a number of courses on specific guns such as Rugers, Colts and Smith & Wesson guns although if you do not have these actual guns at home then you will only have the books and diagrams to study.

Since most of these courses are correspondence, there is very little contact with a teacher. You are expected to do most of the work on your own following the work detailed in the course book. Although there are some projects that you are required to complete, most of the work seems to be studying the course books. Unlike other gunsmithing schools, this school has a very limited presence on the Internet and it can be difficult to find good information. Many people report that if you want general information then a correspondence course is okay but if you want to become an actual gunsmith you need to take a course that offers more practical work than is provided by Modern Gun School. The school does not provide any information about placement or careers, nor does it provide its cost. In order to find out this information, you need to send for their information packet.

When comparing Modern Gun School to other gunsmithing schools, you may be better taking a course from a school with more hands-on practice. Even if you need to take a distance education course, other gunsmithing schools, which offer distance education, have more of an Internet presence. More online presence means there will be videos to watch and even online contact with supervisors and teachers. Over all Modern Gun School needs to upgrade their course to include more online content so people can make an informed choice about which gunsmithing schools they want to attend. They may also need to do this to compete better with existing gunsmithing schools.


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