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Gunsmithing Schools


Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a gunsmith! You are entering a field that is in high demand and with a real shortage of talent and experience.

Apart from the various gunsmithing school reviews, our articles cover all kinds of aspects associated with Gunsmithing Schools from what skills they teach you, where you can find online gun schools and whether they are worth your hard earned money to just the basic and very important question: how much does a gunsmith make?

Gunsmithing Schools vary a lot in size, quality, what they charge and there are many different schools spread all across the country. Some of these Gunsmith Schools have excellent reputations in the business whereas others don’t. Some will give you value for money, others may simply waste your money. And that is where we come in. Here at Gunsmithing Schools HQ we operate fully independently from any of the schools we review and where possible we rely on feedback of current and past students.

We also cover online gun smithing programs which could be an option for some, but bear in mind gun smithing is a hands-on trade.

As a gunsmith you do need to be licensed and gun smith licensing requirements vary from state to state so we will cover that too.

Please select your state below to read both reviews of the Gunsmith Schools within the state and the state specific gunsmith licensing requirements.

Gunsmithing Schools by state:

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan North Carolina Texas
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Dakota Tennessee
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi New York Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming


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What is Gunsmithing?

Gunsmithing Schools HQ: Center for Gunsmith Schools USAGunsmithing is the study of how to modify, build, design and repair firearms. The trade is a combination of mathematics, chemistry, metalworking, ballistics and woodworking. Gun smiths can be employed in shops, sport stories, armories or factories. Many community colleges offer training programs, fellowships, internships and externships along with certificate and associate degree programs for gunsmithing. There are a few dedicated gunsmith schools.

How do you become a Gunsmith?

There are a number of different ways to become a gun smith ranging from attending on the many gun smithing schools to getting an apprenticeship to learning on your own. Before you embark on a career as a gun smith you need to decide whether or not this career is for you. People who are interested in becoming a gunsmith or attending a gunsmith school would typically be very interested in weapons and enjoy working with their hands. To be a good gunsmith, you also need to have a lot of patience, and be detail oriented.

What are the top Gunsmithing Schools?

There are a number of Gunsmithing Schools that one can attend in their quest to become a professional gunsmith. In fact, it can be tough to decide which gun smithing school is right for you. Three of the best schools are Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, Trinidad State Jr. College Gunsmith Program and Yavapai College Gunsmithing School.

These three gun smith schools would be a good choice for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a gunsmith. You will need to decide if you want a degree course or a certificate course but each school will teach to both the technical aspects of being a gun smith as well as the non technical aspects such as the legal and practical issues of being a gunsmith and opening your own shop.

How much does a Gunsmith make?

There are a number of places where it is possible to estimate the pay for a gunsmith. After graduating from a gun smithing school, according to the average pay is $36,267. The average salary for a gunsmith according to ranges from $24,548 to $55,380.

If you are self-employed and run your own gun repair shop then it is difficult to make estimates about how much you will earn. There are a number of factors that go into estimating how much a person can make from owning a gun repair shop. You have to take into account location, competition and how much of a need is there for a gunsmith in your area. Some gunsmiths treat their job as a hobby and do not rely on it as the sole means of support. Other people report that after graduating from a gunsmithing school they opened their own shop and are now making over $100,000.

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